Sport Premium Overview

Primary School’s Vision Statement:

“living, learning and laughing together”

At Godolphin Primary School we believe PE & Sport plays an important role in making our vision statement a reality for every pupil, with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.

We have welcomed the Government’s additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all our young people.


Godolphin Primary School

PE & School Sport Action Plan 2017/2018

Background - The primary school sport premium investment goes direct to primary school Head Teachers and is designed to support improvements in the quality and depth of PE and school sport. In 2017/18 the amount schools receive each year has doubled.

Key Indicators - The Department for Education vision is that all pupils leaving primary school are physically literate and have the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport. The objective is to achieve self-sustaining improvement in the quality of PE and sport that delivers high quality provision of a balanced and holistic PE and school sport offer. There are 5 key indicators that schools should expect to see improvement across:

  1. the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – the Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that all children and young people aged 5 to 18 engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, of which 30 minutes should be in school
  2. the profile of PE and sport is raised across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement
  3. increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  4. broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  5. increased participation in competitive sport

Funding - Individual schools will receive circa £8000-9000 per annum (depending on the number of pupils) which they can use to support these outcomes through various options including; release of staff for CPD, employing specialists to work alongside teachers, cluster work with other schools and partnerships, transport, equipment, hall and pool hire etc.

The total funding for the academic year 2017/18 £16,821
Lead member of staff responsible Mr Colin Snook
Lead Governor responsible Mrs Emma Ivey
Key achievements to date: Areas for further improvement and baseline evidence of need:
  • Effective partnership work with the Helston Sports Trust and MAT schools to offer a diverse and inclusive competition structure, feeding in to the School Games.
  • REAL PE scheme purchased and used across the school to supplement our flexible and inclusive PE curriculum for all pupils, focusing on fundamental skills. All staff attended initial training.
  • Godolphin Primary School awarded the School Games Silver standard for the fourth year running, demonstrating its continued commitment and dedication to PE & school sport.
  • Purchase of new equipment to enhance playtimes (adventure play equipment, basketball goals, skipping ropes etc).
  • External coaches bought in the supplement after school clubs, assisted by volunteer parents.
  • Minibus training for additional staff and volunteers.
  • Yoga for Teachers resources and CPD.
  • Sports leader training for all Y6 pupils. Sports leaders being used to help deliver various clubs and events.
  • PE noticeboard being used effectively to celebrate school sport and signpost children to other opportunities. Information also available regularly in newsletters and via website.
  • Good levels of participation in extra-curricular clubs and competitions, impacting on the success of the school teams in a variety of inter-school competitions.
  • Swimming lessons increased to 45 minutes for all Y2-6.
  • Improve the outdoor play areas by adding to the large scale equipment and making it available to a greater number of children all year round.
  • Review and update the school’s overview of PE coverage for all year groups, ensuring continuity and progression.
  • Plan and introduce a variety of programmes to increase the number of children active for 30 minutes a day in school.
  • Investigate the use of sports funding to support whole school targets in English and maths.
  • Upskill members of staff to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver PE successfully and initiate activities that encourage physical movement and wellbeing.
  • Look into the possibility of creating an additional undercover outdoor space, maybe purchasing a parachute style cover.  PTA may contribute.
  • Seek opinions from all stakeholders at the school regarding the spending of Sports Premium funding and PE action planning.
Key Indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that primary school children undertake at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day in school
Intended Actions with impact on children Funding allocated Evidence and impact Sustainability and next steps
New CD’s to support weekly Feet Beat assemblies, dance clubs (organized by sports leaders) and indoor PE lessons. £40 Various compilation CD’s purchased and used frequently for weekly whole school Feet Beat assemblies, which sports leaders prepare during playtimes throughout week. CD’s also used by sports leaders to deliver KS1 dance club, attended by majority of Rec/Y1 pupils.

These dance opportunities have impacted on the health of all pupils in the school by encouraging 30 minutes of exercise in school every day, as well as increasing the confidence and leadership skills of all pupils in Y3-6 who choreograph and lead activities.

Highly sustainable with minimal cost. May need to buy more second hand CD’s from EBAY at some point.
Lolli sticks for 30/30 activities. £11 All classes asked to look at weekly PE and physical activity provision, and plan additional 30:30 activities on days where there is no PE or active maths. Classes to agree their own indoor and outdoor 30:30 activities written on lolly sticks which can be picked at random by children for the following day. Aim to involve maths/English skills in sessions. 30:30 activities to be evaluated and replaced if required. Very sustainable as lolly sticks are incredibly cheap.
Playground – Developing the outdoor grass area, adding more equipment (traverse wall, tyre park, exercise bikes, monkey bars etc) Also includes an all-weather surface. Quotes received. The school is bidding for an ‘Awards for All grant’ (hopefully up to £10,000. School will have to contribute any additional costs. £6500? Several companies have visited the school to discuss possible improvements and have provided quotes. Information being gathered for an Awards for All bid. Once complete, the equipment will impact on the health and wellbeing of all children for years to come. Finalise and send off bid to see if we receive funding. If bid is successful, agree with governors and aim to order asap (in time for Sept 2018). The equipment would be very sustainable, only requiring annual H&S inspections and minor maintenance work.
After school clubs – Acorn Multi-sports, supported by volunteer parents and paid TA’s. £300 Football, rugby and cricket clubs delivered by Acorn coaches in 2017/18, assisted by volunteer parents and paid TA’s. These clubs have benefited approx 60% of Y2-6 pupils. Pupils asked to pay £1 per session to cover most of the costs. Sports Premium used to subsidise any losses.
Portaloo on school field. £240 Obtained quotes for a portaloo (£40 per month). Hopefully being delivered early April to end October, when field is used more frequently. Not a long term solutions as there will be a monthly charge. Will need to investigate compost toilets or other alternatives.
School Council suggestions. £500 Informed the School Council that they would be given £500 if they could suggest an effective way to spend it that would impact on the health of pupils. Arrange a meeting to discuss ideas, benefits and feasibility.
Specialist coaches to deliver high quality PE whilst teachers shadow and use as CPD. £800 Rugby Tots worked with Rec/Y1 during Autumn term, watched by Emerald Class teachers and TA’s. Improved physical skills, confidence and fitness. More confident staff.

Improved fine and gross motor skills of pupils which have impacted on the concentration and presentation of writing in the classroom.

Contacted specialists regarding gymnastics and rugby provision. Waiting for responses.

Chase up gymnastics and rugby specialists.

Teachers/TA’s asked to take notes/photos so that they can deliver themselves in future lessons.

Organise a keep kit/aerobics/dance club with a trained instructor after school. £100 In process of finding suitable person to deliver a club. Will be good to target specific individuals and groups. Chase up. Children would be asked to pay £1 per session to help cover costs, with Sports Premium money subsidising the rest.
Introduce a multi-sports lunchtime ‘Get Active’ club, aimed at the least active pupils. To be organised by a PE specialist, using less active sports leaders to help deliver. £80 Liam (Acorn Multi-sports) to begin Wednesday lunchtimes starting in Summer term.

Impacting on the 30/30 aspect by targeting the least active KS2 children to engage in physical activity, including some leadership skills for Y6.

Sports leaders to take full responsibility from Sept 2018, offering club to least active KS1.
Purchase an outdoor table tennis table with accessories for use during playtimes. £700 In process of finding out suitability of table on school’s sloping playground. Table Tennis England offer a package which includes delivery and set up.
Purchase a variety of equipment to encourage active playtimes – long skipping ropes, balls, targets etc. £200 Lots of equipment already in use.  Items suggested by pupils and chosen with the help of the School Council.

All pupils generally engaged in physical activity at break times, impacting on their health.

Sainsbury vouchers also used to top up equipment annually and keep costs to a minimum.
Key Indicator 2: The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement
Intended Actions with impact on children Funding allocated Evidence and impact Sustainability and next steps
Maths of the Day training for CS and SK.
Purchase of Maths of the Day online resources.
MOTD Staff training for all teachers/TA’s.
Purchase additional maths resources to support Maths of the Day and the Y2/3 Active Maths club
£500 CS and SK attended initial training before purchasing the resource at a discounted rate. CS delivered a training session to all teachers and TA’s. All classes now using at least once a week to deliver an active maths lesson. Pupils are loving it. The lessons are impacting on the health of the pupils as well as on the progress being made by the children in maths. Also addresses aspects of mastery. SK has even started an active maths club for Y2/3 which almost has 100% attendance. The subscription is an annual payment which could be partly paid using the maths budget id necessary.

Once resources have been prepared for the activities, we have them for future lessons even if the resource is not renewed.

Extra maths resources to be purchased to support practical maths. Once bought, there should be no additional costs.

PE intervention (Liam/Acorn Multi-sports) – working with all Rec-Y3 pupils ½ hour fortnightly. Aiming to impact on writing outcomes in EY/KS1 as well as simple maths. £600 Following up on a suggestion from a school improvement visit, a PE specialist has worked with Rec-Y3 pupils in small groups to use PE and physical literacy to impact on writing outcomes.  He is using a resources could ‘Do and Discover’, and is also incorporating basic maths skills.

Handwriting and extended writing across the school has shown considerable improvement, particularly with these pupils.

TA’s have been shadowing Liam and familiarising themselves to the ‘Do and Discover’ resources and activities.  At some point, when the TA’s feel confident, they may lead these sessions themselves.
Key Indicator 3: Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
Intended Actions with impact on children Funding allocated Evidence and impact Sustainability and next steps
Staff meeting for all teachers and TA’s to share information about Sports Premium funding, agree priorities and suggest ideas. £360 Highly productive staff meeting. All teachers and TA’s now aware of Sports Premium funding and the school’s responsibility to address the 5 key indicators. Watched videos to highlight the importance of using the funding effectively with reference to children’s health and wellbeing. Identified school strengths and areas for improvement before suggesting ideas. CS collated ideas for action plan which are being implemented, therefore impacted hugely on the pupils. Easy to sustain. May need another staff meeting at some point to evaluate and identify future actions.
BHF Active Club CPD for lunchtime supervisors.
Lunchtime Supervisor CPD. (TA pay)
£150 All lunchtime supervisors attended both sessions and returned with suggestions which need to be discussed in a staff meeting and possibly implementing.

Impacted on confidence of staff.

Share ideas to teachers. Identify priorities and set up. Look into possibility of an extra adult to deliver structured lunchtime activities to target groups.
PE leadership.

CS attended the Arena Sugar Smart PE Conference  (+ Supply cover).

Leadership time for CS to complete TTM and School Games audits, as well as planning staff training and updating PE action plans. (supply)

£500 School Games Silver mark achieved for fourth year running.  TTM audit completed March 2018.  Evidence of staff training, PE records, newsletters, competition results etc in yellow book.

Attended Sugar Smart Conference and acted upon key area for development.

Opportunities to share ideas with other schools has impacted on own school action planning.

Continue to follow up next steps on action plans.

Look out for more CPD opportunities for all staff.

Key Indicator 4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
Intended Actions with impact on children Funding allocated Evidence and impact Sustainability and next steps
Class Yoga online resource purchased. £100 Class Yoga online resource being used to offer a diverse PE curriculum, achieve 30 minutes a day and cater for specific groups of children. Some impact on calmness and wellbeing of pupils in preparation for other work. Possibly train a staff member to teach yoga?
Rugby Tots (Autumn Term) with Rec/Y1.

Bikeability (top up) to enable all Y6 pupils to receive cycle training.

Funding included in Section 1 Rugby Tots worked with Rec/Y1. See section 1.

All Y6 pupils provided with Bikeability training Feb 2018. First 10 pupils funded by scheme with Sports Premium paying for additional 2 pupils.

Repeat annually, trying to draw money from other pots.
Novel sports taster day. £400 Need to plan a day with visiting sports providers. Select a date and contact relevant parties.
Cricket festival entry fees. £40 Festivals entered for Y4, 5 and 6, Summer term 2018. Organise opportunities to deliver cricket in PE lessons and clubs in preparation for festivals.
Carry out a survey to ask pupils what they would like. CS to create, collate results and use to plan resulting actions. £200 Need to find time to create, carry out and evaluate survey, using results to plan future opportunities. Create and carry out survey. Once completed, the survey can be reused annually.
School camp – outdoor and adventurous activities. £200 Funding used to pay for transport and additional activities for evenings, enabling a full programme and maximising opportunities for outdoor and adventurous activities. Y5/6 and Y3/4 residentials booked for 2018. Massive impact on pupils’ physical and social development. Confirm programmes and review additional activities.
Surf lifesaving -Transport, car parking and supervision and supply expenses. £100 Hit the Surf delivered to 30 Y4/5/6 pupils Sept 2017. New session booked for Sept 2018. Hit the Surf – FREE!
Key Indicator 5: Increased participation in competitive sport
Intended Actions with impact on children Funding allocated Evidence and impact Sustainability and next steps
Membership of Helston PE Trust. £2000 Member of the Helston PE Trust, linking with Southerly Point Cooperative MAT and School Games. This includes external support and guidance from Trust PE Coordinator, received specialist PE from a secondary PE teacher who supported with PE assessment of KS2 pupils and delivered hockey lessons. Continue to work in partnership with other schools. Attend meetings and CPD to improve the provision of opportunities offered by the Trust and other bodies.
Entry fees, supervision, transport and supply cover (if needed) for competitions and sporting events. £2000 The school frequently sends both KS1 and KS2 teams to festivals and completions organised by the Trust, often progressing to School Games Level 3 finals, therefore providing opportunities for all abilities and groups, including G&T and less active. Participation records, photos, newsletters, PE noticeboard and website all provide suitable evidence of substantial involvement.
Sports clothing/team kits – Replacing lost/damaged items so that teams have appropriate kit for competitions. £200 Kits are very well used and generally returned. However, wear and tear means some items require replacing on occasions. It’s important to provide suitable clothing for teams in order to promote participation. The impact on children’s motivation and self-esteem is worth every penny. External sponsorship has been sought in order to replace kits which is something we will continue to aim for in future.
Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety Please complete all of the below:
What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year? 100%
What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke] when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year? 100%
What percentage of your Year 6 pupils could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations when they left your primary school at the end of last academic year? 100%
Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but this must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have you used it in this way? No
Total funding – £16,821 Total funding allocated to date – £16,821 Total funding to be allocated – £0