Emeralds Medium Term Plan - Spring 2 2023
Emeralds Medium Term Plan - Spring 2 2023
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Plans are subject to change in response to ongoing assessments and unexpected changes in timetabling.




Emerald Class

Welcome to the Emerald Class, where you will find our youngest children. The children in Year 1 and 2 follow the National Curriculum, learning through a subject led approach. Children in Emerald Class mainly use Oxford Reading Tree Floppy’s Phonics, Traditional Tales, Fiction/Non-fiction and Songbirds. We follow the Letters and Sounds programme in Phonics along with Giant Phonics. The Reception children are always busy exploring new ideas or activities, extending their ideas through play-based activities that inspire and motivate them to pursue their goals. Our fantastic classroom and outdoor area allow us lots of space to learn and be creative outside, taking part in active learning and making the most of the great outdoors.

Early Years Curriculum

We aim to follow the children’s interests and incorporate them as much as possible in their learning.
Reception staff follow the ‘Development Matters’ document and Reception children aim for the Early Learning Goals in the seven different areas of learning:
Personal, Emotional and Social Development

The children begin by settling into the class-room and getting to know everyone. They get to know the lay out of the school and the staff who work in all areas of the school. The children are encouraged to share their thoughts and interests as well as discuss things that are important to them. We talk about emotions and encourage children to identify their own feelings.


Physical Development

The children have a variety of opportunities to develop their gross and fine motor skills. They take part in Real PE and Leap into Life activities as well as using the large outdoor apparatus. They explore movement through songs and dance and find different ways of moving our bodies. The children are encouraged to be aware of eating healthily and to manage their own personal hygiene. Children in Emerald class are very active and use our wonderful out door area and sport’s field in all but the worst of weathers.



Through daily phonics sessions the children learning how to say, read and write Phase 2 and 3 sounds. During each session the children are given the opportunity to practise what they have learned and take home a copy of their new sound which can be practised at home.

The children learn how to write their name and begin to write independently using their phonic knowledge. Children are expected to practise their reading and words at home every day.


Communication and Language

This area covers listening and concentration skills, understanding of language and speaking and, as such, under pins all other areas.



We begin working with numbers to 10 and then to 20 and beyond. Children will be counting, ordering and learning to recognise their numbers. We have a structured numeracy session on a daily basis but there will be activities/games for the children to explore during their learning through play focussing on solving problems, comparing, patterns and shapes.


Expressive Art and Design.

The children will explore and use different materials and construction resources to create 2D and 3D, representing their ideas through design and technology, art (both inside and out, using our outside area and school field), music, dance, role play and stories.


Understanding the World.

We aim to use our outdoor space as much as possible and have adult led as well as child initiated activities. Children explore their own lives, past and present. They talk about similarities and differences between themselves and others and make observations about things around them. The children learn to complete simple programmes on the class computers and they also use our interactive whiteboard.